We provide the best foot and ankle care in the Fort Walton Beach area. Below are some of the most common issues that we treat to keep you on your feet.



A bunion is the common term used to describe hallux valgus.  It is a partial or complete dislocation of the big toe on the 1st metatarsal. This causes a prominent bump on the medial side of the foot leading to pain and an unsightly appearance. 


Some possible treatment options include padding, orthoses, injections and ultimately surgical correction. Speak with our doctor today to discuss which option is best for you. 

Samantha Jones, Project Manager

Sports Injuries


Sports related injuries range from ankle sprains to stress fractures.  

Bay Foot and Ankle Center has the highest quality in image diagnostics and physician training and experience to address the most complex sports related injuries.

Heel Pain


Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. 


It is typically caused by overuse and inflammation of the ligament which supports the plantar arch (ie. Plantar fascia).  

Most often this may be treated with injections, orthotic inserts, stretching, and anti inflammatory therapy.  For patients who do not respond to conservative care, Bay Foot and Ankle Center offers their patients with minimally invasive endoscopic plantar fasciotomy.

Ingrown Toenails


The most common site for ingrown toenails is the big toe. While curving inward, the nail cuts the skin often causing irritation, pain, and infection.


A simple in office procedure can address this probem perminatly.

Flat Feet


This hereditary condition often referred to as "fallen arches" affects people of all ages. If untreated this may lead to difficulty walking, tendon problems and pain. ​


At Bay Foot and Ankle Center we offer preventive care for young children and adults with orthoses, bracing, and adjunct therapies.  In extreme cases, we offer advanced surgical procedures to correct this problem.

Plantar Warts


This refers to a common dermatologic condition caused by a virus leading to painful lesions on the skin. The lesions may become enlarged, bleed and cause pain with pressure.

Some of the many treatments offered at our facilities include topical therapy, laser ablation and surgical excision for those tough to treat lesions.

Hammer Toes


One of the most common toe deformities are caused by bending of the toe at the joint forcing them to be contracted. This usually causes irritation while walking and when wearing shoes. 


Typically treated by padding, shoe modification, in office procedures, or surgical correction, this common ailment is a fixable, treatable problem. 

Nail Fungus


This common foot problem is caused by an infection of multiple types of fungi, yeast or molds. As a result, the nail becomes discolored, yellow, brittle, and unsightly.  


Our professional team of experts may obtain a nail biopsy to identify the causing pathogen and adequately treat the problem. 

Fracture Care


Some of the most common lower extremity fractures include ankle, foot and toes. Many times these are the result of falls, injuries and blunt trauma. 


Through diagnostic imaging and clinical expertise our specialist can address your problem. Treatment options offered include immoblization, casting and possibly surgical repair when indicated.